About Wildlife Removal Services

Servicing 1000's of residential & commercial properties across Toronto & the GTA for 28+ YEARS!

Wildlife Control & Removal Services 

Our business's experience, knowledge, and practice continue to grow stronger each and every year within the Wildlife Removal & Pest Control field, providing guaranteed, effective, & permanent solutions along with exceptional care to each one of our customers. Our professional team consists of certified & reliable technicians, competent customer service, and consistently advanced technologies to improve our services during our visits. Homeowners biggest concerns are wildlife & pest issues such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, skunks, mice, rats etc. These pests can be an annoyance and cause severe damages to people’s home which can lead to stress and high expenses. We are the professionals you are seeking to defeat those critters from destroying your home for good!

We have specific techniques and methods to solve every pest or wildlife situation in a safe and humane manner. A technician will conduct a full assessment of your home to ensure your home is safe and hazard free from any type of nuisance, lay out the best suitable plan that fits within your budget, remove animals safely & humanly, and most importantly seal and secure all open areas/entry-points to prevent possible re-entry. At Wildlife Removal Services we can assure you that our team takes pride in our customer satisfaction and will continue to deliver our excellent service to all clients! All products used within our visits are 100% safe, natural and effective.